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I do not get paid to review these wines. I buy most of them by my own and I decide if they are interesting examples to learn.


I’m sure you understand that it’s not my purpose to make promotion of every wine I taste. I try to keep this blog aligned with its motto (The Beginner Wine Blog) and I only post about wines that have interest for the learning purposes of my readers. I want them to be able to use this as a buying guide when they are looking for wine to deepen their knowledge. Wines in the Wines to Learn section are there for pleasure and for learning.

If you are interested in sending samples here are some guidelines:

  • Wines should express characteristics that their region and or variety are known for or wines should reflect winemaking techniques.
  • Winery should have a website to redirect the interest.
  • Check out the wine list for examples.

I won’t review a wine if I consider it doesn’t fit my readers. I will taste it within 2 weeks after receiving it and I’ll let you know if I will review it. If so, the post will be published a week later.

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Open the topic you want to practice from the following list. The wines are classified by one of the most relevant characteristic.
2. Aromas, Flavors & Textures
3. Body
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Light Body White Wine

Full Body White Wine

 Full Body Red Wine

… Or if you prefer, browse them by their type. 
… Or by origin. 
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New Zealand
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