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Wine Seminars and Tastings!

Wine Seminars and Tastings in the Chicago and Northern Indiana area! You’ll find the option that fits for you: join a seminar with a wine beginners special edition or enjoy a tasting in the confort of your home!

Option 1

Wine Seminar

wine seminar in What VINO


This wine seminar is specifically designed for wine beginners. During each session we cover a wine topic and taste 4 wines. We develop the topics every month, usually covering wine production, wine regions and varietals.

Next seminar: From Terroir to the Glass

     February, 15th 2017 (7:00 pm)
       Holiday Inn: 2323 Willowcreek Rd, Portage, IN 46368
   8 spots available.

Wines to practice:

1) Dry white in alsatian bottle to try the delicious equilibrium between the crisp and dry to rich and tasty. Gewürztraminer is in the way!

2) Thinking in a bold, spicy red malbec? Well, no. This seminar is to learn about wine style… So are you ready for a delicate malbec rosé from Argentina?

3) We’ll talk about some techniques to develop the most fruity wines in the world… And you can’t pass on France on this issue: a red Beaujolais-Villages and let’s grape explote!

4) Learning about styles? Never ever skip a true 24 months oak aged red, bold wine. Spanish Jumilla Reserva Monastrell at its 90%

$23 per participant

Join through MeetUP or Paypal

All participants should be over 21. ID will be required.

Last seminars (past): 

Topic: The Tasting Note

  • January, 18th 2017 (7:00 pm) – Portage, IN 46368 (Holiday Inn)


Option 2

In-home Wine Tasting

wine tasting chicago in What VINO


Do you want to surprise your friends or family with an original gift? Looking for a private experience? Planning a wine party?

This is a conducted tasting in your home. Tipically, with 6 wines: 1 sparkling wine, 2 white wines, 1 rosé wine and 2 red wines.

If you preferyou choose the wines you want to explore. Do you prefer whites or reds? Want to try something sweet? Only glamorous sparkling bubbles for you?… Or let us surprise you with our selection.


$29 per participant

Minimum of 5 people are required.

We conduct wine tastings in the Chicago and Northern Indiana area. For other areas, please ask.

This is an in-home wine tasting. You must provide the location. We will handle everything, you just sit back and enjoy.

All participants should be over 21. ID will be required.

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