Wine Regions

This post is a guide to the upcoming posts about wine regions. I’m working in the best way to display them, so, if when reading you find a better choice to present this idea, please, let me know.

This is a world map showing the main wine producing areas:

Wine Regions in What VINO Learning About Wine

Wine regions fall under these 2 denominations:
  • Old World, referring to wines produced in Europe
  • New World, referring to wines produced outside Europe
To learn more about the these regions, every click will bring you a step deeper in the hierarchic classification. As I produce them, I’ll add them to the list. To ease the search, in the box below you have them in alphabetical order following these tabs:

By Country


By Region

1.Alsace: ALSACE  –  2.California: LODI 

By Appellation

1.ALSACE (France)  –  2.LODI, Central Valley, California (USA)

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