Sherlock and the Wine

In this video I explain the science behind the wine tasting.

Discovering and describing all of the aromas and sensations in a wine is no magic. You just need some theory, practice, and deduction skills to get started in the world of wine tasting! Once you get some experience with this, you will never feel lost listening to others discuss wine.

Discover the secrets of  “Sherlock” with me!


  1. Me ha encantado!! Muy interesante y perfectamente explicado! !

  2. Thank you for taking the mystery out of wine for me. Many of us have been at restaurants and the wine has typically been a big mystery. There are so many bottles to choose from and so many different wines, where do we start, it is intimidating. Your step by step discussions, exercises and videos are making better consumers out of us. Now when we ask for a bottle of wine and the sommelier pours us a taste, we can actually, with confidence, look like we know what we are doing by using your advice in reviewing the wine. We now are aware of some of the things to look for in the wine such as its color, taste and smells. Thank you for taking your time out to educate us! The fog is beginning to lift for us.

  3. Thanks for that encouraging comment, Larry!


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