Scary Words (I): Terroir & Vintage

I think the title needs no further explanation. Scary is how some of us feel, or at least a bit apprehensive, in our first approach to the wine world. I hope, little by little, with some explanations of the vocabulary, that your knowledge becomes more comprehensive, useful, easy and fun…because to know is to love!.
In this post you will get an explanation of what an expert is saying when she or he talks about the terroir  of wine, or about a specific vintage of wine.


  1. Great explanations! Wow! So many things can affect the taste of wine. It’s fun to try to detect the different characteristics.

    • Yes… Hard study time here 😉

  2. Great!!!
    I am not a person who drinks wine but I am learning a lot with your explanations!! I love them!! Thanks Silvia!!

    • hahah… That’s the objective!. Thanks for your comment, Miriam.

  3. Wow! If im ever able to get “terroir an vintage” of the wine im tasting, ill become a true expert!thanks for the explanation and salut!

    • Thanks for watch it!



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