Nose: Exercise 2

This is the first exercise in the scary world of aromas. It compliments the video Smelling Violets…Really?

The challenge is that there are up to 200 different aromas that may change during the time that the wine is exposed to the air while in the glass. But don’t allow that intimidate you ….just look for the information you have about the wine you are trying, then smell it, and smell again. Do this when you are a bit hungry so that your senses will be more aware. Try it at different moments of the day…and repeat. I think that is the key.


The objective of this exercise is to identify the aromas using your nose and mouth, and then to compliment it by stating whether it has characteristics of intensity and complexity. No joke about it, it can be difficult. It takes some concentration!

The wines I chose were 3 white wines:

  • Barzen Riesling Trocken (Germany)
  • Les Rochettes. Pouilly-Fumé, Sauvignon Blanc (France)
  • Domaine Matrot Bourgogne, Chardonnay (France)

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  1. GREAT explanations for learning about smelling the wine! The video is very helpful. Now I will try it!


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