Life in the Vineyard

Let’s be honest: this post is a introduction to an aspect that, usually, it is not the most interesting for wine beginners: viticulture as the practices for growing grapevines to produce wine.
I decided to make a series of posts with this because it is important to know how from the beginning, from the intensity of sun shine to the space between vines a vine-grower decides in the vineyard, affect the characteristics of the wine at the end. With these clues I try you can guess more about the wine in your glass. Next time you wonder why this wine is different from this other, ask yourself not only for the main grape varietal in the wine, but also, from where it was grown and how: is it a cool area, was the year dry or hot for the average? does this grape fits in this weather? and why is important how old the vine is?. To have an answer to all this aspects will let you know better the wine you have. So, this series of videos is to remark the most important aspects that will affect the taste of the wine because of 3 variables:
  • The Climate and the place, as it determines the growing conditions of the grapevine.
  • The Varietal, as it is important it can express the better in the specific climate conditions
  • The Human Factor, as the techniques vine-growers use to facilitate the better conditions of the land to get the best wine possible.

Last note: I’ve separated this post in the 3 aspects, as they are easier to manage. So, the most important aspects that will affect the taste of the wine because of 3 variables:

Life in the Vineyard

Life in the Vineyard in What VINO Learning About Wine


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