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Learning About Wine in What VINO

Learning about wine requieres 3 groups of knowledge:

  • How wine is made: from the vineyard management to the winery processes.
  • The characteristics of wine, including what is wine, which varieties, different styles.
  • Wine regions of the world: to understand the different styles, tastes, traditions to make wine and also how the specific place affects the taste.

You have these topics classified in this page.

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1. What is Wine?
Topics about the wine composition and how they affect the taste.

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What is in a Glass of Wine?: This is a series of videos (4) about the “Structural Components” that define the taste of wine. In this post, you will learn what to expect about your wine depending on the variety, the region and the wine-making process. The posts are:

1.1 What is in a Glass of Wine? (I): about the general concept of “Structural Components of Wine”, useful as a foundation for learning about this topic.

1.2 What is in a Glass of Wine? (II): about the Alcohol and Acids as “Structural Components of Wine”.

1.3 What is in a Glass of Wine? (III): about the Tannins as “Structural Components of Wine”.

1.4 What is in a Glass of Wine? (IV): about the Sugars and Aromatic Components as “Structural Components of Wine”.

2. A basic for wine lovers: if you want to excel in your wine knowledge, you can’t miss that book. Great writing and easy reading.

2. How is Wine made?
Topics about different techniques and procedures to make wine.

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1. The White, the Red & other stories: have you ever thought that white grapes make white wine and red grapes make red wine? If so then you will be surprised to learn that this not always true. Follow the post and learn what other factors may affect the color of wine.

2. Traditional method to produce sparkling wine: also known as “champenoise” is the technique for producing the most famous sparkling wines of the world.

3. The meaning of terroir and vintage (wine scary words): have you ever felt overwhelmed by the vocabulary that is used to describe wine? No need to feel  that way anymore.

4. 3 Traits Of Wine That Age Wellan aged wine has interesting flavors and textures that can’t be experienced with a young wine. Do you know what is it needed?

3. How to Learn while tasting Wine
These topics are about different aspects about drinking wine: from how sommeliers work, what is considered quality, vocabulary related and wine tasting technique.

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1. Sherlock and the Wine: Do you think the experts invent what they say about wine? No! There is a scientific method behind it…the Deductive Method…just as Sherlock Holmes used!

2. Objective Quality…In Wine?: It is good to think that, related to wine, your personal taste is what matters. That’s true… But, there are also some objective parameters to define what a “quality wine” is.

3. I will never be able to smell…:  Don’t give up! It seems as though almost everyone can detect the aromas in wine. As I was skeptical about it, I did some research and…it’s true! There is no reason to think that your nose won’t be able to do it!.


4.1 Don’t neglect your eyes!: not able to distinguish between cherry red or wine red? Don’t worry about it! Here you have the most important tips about “seeing” the wine: COLOR, CONCENTRATION, and TEARS. Also watch an exercise about sight here.

4.2 Smelling violets… Really?Don’t miss the first step in identifying the aromas in wine. In this post I am on the way to discovering the hidden secrets of the best wine experts!. Also watch an exercise about smell here.

4.3 At last… YUM!: in this post you will discover the meaning of strange wine vocabulary such as long or balanced. Learn how to describe the body of the wine, the basic tastes, the thermal sensation, the balance and the evolution of the wine… I am ready to make my first tasting notes!. Also watch an exercise about taste here.

5. What is minerality in wine? (wine scary words): have you ever felt overwhelmed by the vocabulary that is used to describe wine? No need to feel  that way anymore.

4. Grape Varieties
A good way to check what to expect of the wine in your glass depending on the variety. 

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1. A perfect book for beginners: if you don’t have many time… Do not skip this awesome book that provides you with essential data in really nice charts.

2. The 6 basic wine varieties: you cannot miss the very first step for learning about the 6 classic grapes… And, if you are in the mood, try a new tasting technique with this recommended book!

5. Wine Styles
Different winemaking techniques, varieties and vineyard conditions lead to different styles of wine.

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Sparkling Wines

1. Label concepts on Sparkling Wines

2. Different names for sparkling wines

6. Wine Regions
Main topics that characterizes the wines of a region and what are the main factors that affect the taste and quality of these wines.Terroir is a wine word that defines the sense of place in the taste of wine.

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1.Wine Regions Guide

2.Top Wine Consuming Nations


7. Growing grapes
Viticulture is the science, production, and study of grapes and the events in the vineyard. Check here how it affects to the taste in wine.

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1. Life in the Vineyard: This is a series of videos (4) about the main aspects in the vineyard. I know it can sound boring for some beginners but it helps quite a bit to understand from the beginning how the place where the vineyard is, the correct choice of grape varietal and the actions of the vine-growers can dramatically affect the quality of wine. The series begins with a quick introductory video and then it follows like this:

1.1 Life in the Vineyard: 1. Climate & Place

1.2 Life in the Vineyard: 2. The Varietal

1.3 Life in the Vinyeard: 3. The Human Factor

8. Wine and Food Pairings
A good pairing enhances the pleasure of both, wine and food. Check here how it works. 
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1. Wine and Food Pairing Principles: To follow some food and wine pairing rules enhances the pleasure. Different tastes of food affect the way components of the wine are perceived.

2. Pairing Italian Food: I’ve received an Italian cookbook from Dee Dee and Paul Sorivino… But I can’t ONLY cook so, I’ve made some recipes and paired them with wine. What do you think?

3. Pairing Wine and Chocolate: Pairing Wine and Chocolate is a graphic that will help you to find the best match. Milk, white, dark chocolate and more have a perfect wine for them!

4. 10 Cardinal Rules for Great Wine and Food Pairings: To make it easier for you, we are enlisting down a few rules to help you out with the best tips for combining food and wine.

5. 5 best food-pairing wine you’re missing: new options to pair with classic foods.

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