I will never be able to smell…

The scariest thing for me as a beginner in the wine world is being able to recognize the aromas in wine. I believe the wine experts are very talented and have better nose skills than I do. Meanwhile, they pontificate, saying that everyone can do the same…so I decided to investigate how our body detects aromas. After convincing myself that I can do it, I’ve decided it would be a good way to introduce the “smell” in the “tasting technique” series of videos. First thing to do: Convince yourself you can do it! There is no physical reason to the contrary!

In this video I explain the basics of the olfactory system.  Check that your olfactory system is completely functional and get ready to bring yourself into the next level of sensation used in the wine tasting technique. No more excuses saying that you are not able to do It!


  1. Love it!! very useful! Now it’s time put it in pratice 🙂

  2. Awesome!! Now I am sure that I am not one of the 2% that are not able to detect aromas!! It is a matter of practise!! Thanks Silvia


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