At last…Yum!

At last, the opportunity to taste and savor the wine in your mouth. The point of this post is defining which aspects of the wine become the kind of adjectives experts use for describing the physical character of the wine in the tasting note.

The wine can be described through its body, basic tastes, thermal sensation, balance and evolution. This post talks about the basics of that description, but is still a good first step to grow and make more elaborate notes each time.

I hope this post helps you to learn and understand the vocabulary the experts use. Even if the vocabulary sounds strange at first, it should help you improve your self-confidence in describing wine. We will see if, in the next exercise, it is as easy as it looks 😉


  1. Wow!There’s a lot to learn about wine..from colour to taste

  2. Since I see you I like more the wine


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