About my writing style


As some of you have noticed, I’m not a native english speaker, though I’m trying to do my best to improve quickly, I’m not sure the results are that obvious. This is why I began to attach some graphics and written explanations to my speech, which, believe it or not, I write it beforehand… So you can understand better if you do not catch my foreign accent.

Anyway, once I’ve decided which topic to talk about, making a video post takes me about 3 days: one and a half days to decide the rythm, structure of the speech and write down a guide. Half a day to film it (about 4 minutes of speech comes out of 3 hours of really boring, bad, or, in the best case, hilarious videos… Usually with my cat meowing, garbage truck loading or door bell ringing as a background track). The last day is to edit the video, create the graphics, look up pictures to illustrate it, make the post and upload it.

And here comes the fun part: I send it to my mother-in-law, Jane, who is an educated english native speaker. She is the one  who reads the post and corrects it. I believe that people can stand my speech, but that bad writing can be too much. So, this is why I ask for text review in my posts… And this is why some of you, if you read the post when it is recently posted can find that the text changes soon afterwards. This original text may contain incorrect expressions and some parts may be completely unintelligible.   Then, Jane sends me the corrected text and, some days after the first upload of the post, I publish the final draft. So, I beg for your patience if you read something strange the very first day… It will be corrected some days later.


I’m working hard to improve this so my kind mother doesn’t have to work so hard

Thanks for following!

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