1 year of blogging

1 year of bloggong

This is to celebrate my first year of blogging. I wouldsay it’s been hard, but honestly, I love it. It changed my life quite a bit. I quitted my previous job in a big corporation to work from home being my only boss. It changed from being a team leader to talk to my cat while planning my day. From 1 hour commute a day to walk from my bed to the living room for working, from online grocery shopping to have time to cook every day. It changed from having a regular income to think every month how much I can rise.

Summary of the year: 

  • Positive: the appearance of my site and also from the position I’m trying to get to bring you easy pills of info to better understand the world of wine. I’m glad to assist this year to meet other wine bloggers to de Lodi Wine Bloggers Conference. I hope to learn a lot.
  • Negative: I have to improve my routine study and production.This is my goal for this second year of blogging: be more regular in my production, earn some money. Create a consistent routine.

I have to thank a lot too: to my husband Mike who patiently listens my complains and has always a correct word to say to encourage me, who stands my video recording for hours, who plays the aroma game to help me, who works harder to support me. To my mother-in-law Jane who reads everything I write and corrcts it for you easy understand, this is a job that takes big time. To my friends in Barcelona and Chicago who consistently read and give feed-back and new ideas no matter what bad thing I create. To the friends who act as Guinea pigs for me to create a good tasting experience. To those who let me use their image to illustrate my tasting event product and to the photographer, Quim, who made trials by his own to better create the photographs in my site. And overall, thanks to all people that help for wine. 

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